POST #42: Happiness

Hello again, all of you! A lot has happened since my last post; I’ve got my GCSE results back, I’ve started - and now completed my first term at - a new school in Oxford, and I’ve discovered what it means to be eternally busy. So busy, in fact, that for a while I wondered… Continue reading POST #42: Happiness

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POST #40: I Know Why Trump Won The Election!

Hello again everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely summer. I have spent a lot of time writing stories, listening to podcasts, and making increasingly complicated friendship bracelets (more on that later). I regularly listen to about eight different podcasts, of which one of my favourites this summer has been ‘Talking Politics’. It’s… Continue reading POST #40: I Know Why Trump Won The Election!


POST #39: Cultural Appropriation

There’s been a few articles in the news recently about Cultural Appropriation in western popular culture. It’s quite a controversial topic; and the question of whether it’s either ‘political correctness gone mad’ or yet another indicator of today’s inequality has been hotly debated. I did a speech for a scholar’s society meeting at school a… Continue reading POST #39: Cultural Appropriation


POST #33: My Perspective on Today’s Politics

I’m afraid I haven’t posted in a while. I have a reason, and I’m going to try to explain. Over the last year, and especially the beginning of 2017, I’ve become heavily interested in modern politics. I’m obsessed. Every spare moment I get is spent trawling the BBC for new articles, and when there’s none… Continue reading POST #33: My Perspective on Today’s Politics


POST #15: ‘Politics And The English Language’ Summary

What springs to mind when you hear the name George Orwell? The brilliantly perceptive allegory of Animal Farm? The year 1984? The little known essay he wrote entitled 'Politics And The English Language'? I have to admit, it's a great essay - far better than anything I could ever write on the subject. In fact,… Continue reading POST #15: ‘Politics And The English Language’ Summary

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POST #12: Is Britain Becoming Greater London?

The question that titles this post is an interesting one. There are a number of indicators found in maps and data around us that point to a 'yes' answer of the question; and in this blog post I'll lay out a few my Dad and I discussed in the conversation that led to this post.… Continue reading POST #12: Is Britain Becoming Greater London?