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POST #40: I Know Why Trump Won The Election!

Hello again everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely summer. I have spent a lot of time writing stories, listening to podcasts, and making increasingly complicated friendship bracelets (more on that later). I regularly listen to about eight different podcasts, of which one of my favourites this summer has been ‘Talking Politics’. It’s… Continue reading POST #40: I Know Why Trump Won The Election!


POST #36: Why I’m Glad I Don’t Follow Football

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have dinner with Professor Bob Hahn (currently at Oxford), and his wife. Among other things, he's a Behavioural Economist, and it was one of the first times I have ever had a long conversation about Behavioural Economics without boring the other person a lot! He has… Continue reading POST #36: Why I’m Glad I Don’t Follow Football


POST #31: Is Uber-cool?

In recent years, the smartphone app Uber has massively increased in popularity; changing the way we think about the rules and regulations of marketplaces and the boundaries of traditional 'professions'. For example, in a tweet a few months ago, the co-founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick, said 'Work is now flexible to life, not the other… Continue reading POST #31: Is Uber-cool?


POST #25: If You Want To Be A Millionaire…

Hello again! I haven't posted in a while; mainly due to the fact that summer has arrived and I've been enjoying writing poems and songs, having long conversations and playing guitar late into the night 🙂 In fact, I've just flown back from an awesome holiday in Spain, and was thinking on the flight about a… Continue reading POST #25: If You Want To Be A Millionaire…


POST #21: The Choice Paradox’s Paradox

The Choice Paradox is an interesting theory, first named as such by the economist Barry Schwartz, in his 2004 book of the same name, subtitled 'Why More is Less'. The idea that being presented with more choice (over, for example, brands or types of a product) actually leads to less end happiness is one that I… Continue reading POST #21: The Choice Paradox’s Paradox

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POST #16: Counterfactuals In Fiction

Question: What great unknown would you most like to find out? (My) Answer: The 'What if?' [or counterfactual] of everything!  Counterfactuals are something I think about a lot. Probably too much - but there we go. There are the 'great unknown' of Economics; the one aspect it would be incredibly useful to know but is… Continue reading POST #16: Counterfactuals In Fiction


POST #2: Curly v. Straight; Why We Always Want What We Can’t Have

My hair. I've touched on it before, and I suppose that's because it's quite a big part of who I am. Both Mum and Dad also have curly hair, and those genes seem to have gleefully combined to create a whopping mass of frizz sitting on top of my head at all times. I don't… Continue reading POST #2: Curly v. Straight; Why We Always Want What We Can’t Have