POST #35: Ambiguous

WARNING: This is a long post! In fact, it's a 3,000 word short story that I entered for our school competition. The title I was given was Ambiguous, and I tried to include as many ambiguous elements as possible. The sun sank leisurely below the dipped horizon, speckling lazy rays of light across the West-facing… Continue reading POST #35: Ambiguous


POST #34: Isabel’s Eight Commandments

At school last week, we were asked to create a ‘Code of Conduct for Society’, using the Decalogue as a starting point. I came up with eight, and am recording them here. I think it would be interesting to look back in a few years and see how my personal ‘Code of Conduct’ has changed!… Continue reading POST #34: Isabel’s Eight Commandments


POST #33: My Perspective on Today’s Politics

I’m afraid I haven’t posted in a while. I have a reason, and I’m going to try to explain. Over the last year, and especially the beginning of 2017, I’ve become heavily interested in modern politics. I’m obsessed. Every spare moment I get is spent trawling the BBC for new articles, and when there’s none… Continue reading POST #33: My Perspective on Today’s Politics