POST #26: A Bit of Busking

My best friend Emma and her music stand!

Hey guys! I wrote this post a while ago but have only now managed to get all the pictures together. It’s a slightly different style to my normal posts – tell me if you like it πŸ™‚

I’m currently staying with my best friend Emma who lives in Solihull. We are both very creative people – for example, last night we watched all six of the home-made family films we have made over the years (our ages increasing in them from seven to twelve years old).

Emma is a musical genius. She is a very good singer and grade 4 flute. So we decided to do something a little different this time and busk in Stratford Upon Apon; Shakespeare’s birthplace and known for its arts.

But first we had to find some songs to sing! We set about writing one while on holiday in Spain. So we climbed a hill and, inspired by the majestic hills of the Costa Brava, wrote this:


It’s called Iris and our band name, as you can tell, is “Under Dusty Stars”.

I went back home, and got quite obsessed with the idea. So I found the Stratforward Business Improving District website (which dealsΒ with would-be buskers) and printed off a map and all the rules.

Of course, everything feels more important covered in a plastic wallet and a folder, so I did that too!

Yesterday, Emma and I phoned up the Stratforward office to apply for our street performer license – it was very easy and they were lovely when we went to collect it.

This morning, we got up early and left to catch the train. After a quick return to fetch a forgotten music stand, we were on our way.

However, having set up and started to sing, expecting a spellbound audience, we found none. People just weren’t that interested!

One man dropped a pound into our depressingly empty box saying; ‘Just to make it clear, girls; this is for EFFORT only.’

We didn’t know whether to thank him or not!

Me and my guitar Β πŸ™‚

We stopped for lunch feeling rather disheartened. But we resolved to carry on nevertheless – no one had actually paid us to stop singing, which was a good sign.

And then it all brightened up a bit – having decided to enjoy it as much as possible, we got into our groove and sang much better as a result.

One strange thing was the attitude of the people around us. Everyone brazenly stared at how much money we had in our box (very little!) The Behavioural Economist in me wanted to experiment; what would reactions be if there was nothing in the box? Or if it was full?

Most of these coins came from Emma’s spare change πŸ™‚

Several tourists took photos and filmed us, which felt cool (and a little strange). We must have succeeded if we were as worthy to be taking a photo of as Shakespeare’s statue.

We finished up in the park, where several families clapped as we finished each song. Emma thought it felt just like a concert!

We hopped back on the train, walking back through Stratford bathed in evening light. It was a magical end to a magical day!

On the train back home!

4 thoughts on “POST #26: A Bit of Busking

  1. This post demonstrates two of the essential ingredients to a successful life: enterprise and a sense of humour. It seems that the people of Stratford lack both.

    Liked by 1 person

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