POST #17: Migrant Mother

Hello everyone! I'm back...Β this time to show you a photograph that has really moved me, and a couple of paragraphs of writing I wrote about it, in Creative Writing club. But first; just look at her. Take in every minute detail of the photo, every nuance in her expression, every aspect of her life glimpsed… Continue reading POST #17: Migrant Mother

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POST #16: Counterfactuals In Fiction

Question: What great unknown would you most like to find out? (My) Answer: The 'What if?' [or counterfactual] of everything!Β  Counterfactuals are something I think about a lot. Probably too much - but there we go. There are the 'great unknown' of Economics; the one aspect it would be incredibly useful to know but is… Continue reading POST #16: Counterfactuals In Fiction


POST #15: ‘Politics And The English Language’ Summary

What springs to mind when you hear the name George Orwell? The brilliantly perceptive allegory of Animal Farm? The year 1984? The little known essay he wrote entitled 'Politics And The English Language'? I have to admit, it's a great essay - far better than anything I could ever write on the subject. In fact,… Continue reading POST #15: ‘Politics And The English Language’ Summary