POST #9: A View On Britain Bombing Syria

– Mahatma Gandhi

2 thoughts on “POST #9: A View On Britain Bombing Syria

  1. Darling Isabel you know how very slow I have been to use my I-pad —which was a v generous gift to Pots and me a year or two ago . He took to it quite happily and found it v useful . I didn’t — I remember thinking how like an early Edwardian I must be ! Never mind the motor car , what’s wrong with the horse ! ! However I am trying to pick up the challenge and e-mail occasionally instead of picking up my pen . End of preamble.! I SO want to let you know how thrilled and impressed I’ve been with your writings –aka your blog —( you might remember that I hardly knew what one was a few months ago) . To have access so immediately to your deepest thoughts and opinions so carefully crafted is a real privilege and a delight . How I wish Pots was here with me – he would have echoed every word – and , even better would have added his own wise words . Your tribute to Mum was extremely moving – something she will treasure forever – as will all of us who love her . I must get on with WRITING my 100 odd Christmas cards so will love you and leave you -just for now ——-Doo XXXX

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