POST #38: New York at Night

I'm loving the creative freedom a whole summer of no revision brings 😍 Prepare for more New York posts - I'm taking thousands of photos! new york. the storm has dislodged the stars from the sky and they have scattered dazed, blinking, here; the highway streams a rush of liquid gold. the peach clouded sunset is soft,... Continue Reading →

POST #35: Ambiguous

WARNING: This is a long post! In fact, it's a 3,000 word short story that I entered for our school competition. The title I was given was Ambiguous, and I tried to include as many ambiguous elements as possible. The sun sank leisurely below the dipped horizon, speckling lazy rays of light across the West-facing... Continue Reading →

POST #32: How Green Was My Valley

So we’re coming to the end of 2016. It’s been an interesting year, and from a political angle, a fraught one for many. Events such as Brexit and Trump’s victory have divided nations, with many branding the politicians supposed to represent Britain and America as ‘liberal elites’ out of touch with the unsatisfied majority. Donald... Continue Reading →

POST #31: Is Uber-cool?

In recent years, the smartphone app Uber has massively increased in popularity; changing the way we think about the rules and regulations of marketplaces and the boundaries of traditional 'professions'. For example, in a tweet a few months ago, the co-founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick, said 'Work is now flexible to life, not the other... Continue Reading →

POST #30: London

Below is one of my favourite passages from my favourite book; Howard's End by EM Forster. It's about London, but could be describing any city in today's urban world. In this post, I'd like to just go through it and express in writing what these words mean for me. But first, have a read: Certainly... Continue Reading →

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