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POST #25: If You Want To Be A Millionaire…

Hello again! I haven’t posted in a while; mainly due to the fact that summer has arrived and I’ve been enjoying writing poems and songs, having long conversations and playing guitar late into the night🙂 In fact, I’ve just flown back from an awesome holiday in Spain, and was thinking on the flight about a few things… Continue reading POST #25: If You Want To Be A Millionaire…

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POST #24: A Bit Of Artistic License Needed

I wrote this a while ago, and after the demands of my friend to put it up here, I feel I should share it with you! As I’ve said in the title, there’s a slight need to suspend realism when reading it; this short story is not meant to be accurate🙂 Yours as long as life… Continue reading POST #24: A Bit Of Artistic License Needed

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POST #23: The ‘I’ Word

Hey guys! I am sitting in bed with a sore throat feeling very sorry for myself. I hope you are all having a better day than me🙂 So; let’s crack on! What is the ‘I’ word? The answer: Innovation. For a dictionary definition, it can mean: a new method, idea, or product; a new way of doing things.… Continue reading POST #23: The ‘I’ Word

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POST #22: Lord Peter Wimsey, My Hero

There is one fictional character, above all others, that I would absolutely adore to meet. And, if you have read the title, you will have guessed that this character is, of course, called Lord Peter Wimsey. Or just Lord Peter – he’s not a noble, but the brother of one, so first names are allowed… Continue reading POST #22: Lord Peter Wimsey, My Hero

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POST #21: The Choice Paradox’s Paradox

The Choice Paradox is an interesting theory, first named as such by the economist Barry Schwartz, in his 2004 book of the same name, subtitled ‘Why More is Less’. The idea that being presented with more choice (over, for example, brands or types of a product) actually leads to less end happiness is one that I… Continue reading POST #21: The Choice Paradox’s Paradox

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POST #20: Grief’s Remedy

Post twenty – it’s taken me a while, but at least I’ve got this far! For this post, I would like to offer something personal, something hard for me to write. This time last year, my Grandfather, who we affectionately called ‘Pots’, was in hospital. He spent two months there, battling an aggressive cancer in… Continue reading POST #20: Grief’s Remedy